30 Hours Later

OK, here's where we are: Kelly did better today, better than the doctors predicted. Apparently they really thought she could have the baby last night [but they were wise and didn't tell us]. She only had about five contractions today and was only in mild discomfort. Plus, she was able to eat some food. Hospital food is a drag, but she really enjoyed the Jello; Bill Cosby would be proud.

While time stands still in our world right now, every day that passes is another day our little girl can grow stronger. They're continuing giving Kel magnesium in hopes of keeping things where they are. We're unsure how long she'll be able to hold it; it could happen tomorrow or it could happen in weeks. All we know is that by March 1st we'll have a baby; and Kelly is stuck in the hospital until it happens.

We had a great time as friends and family visited today. We had no idea how many people cared! This was both relieving and exhausting to Kelly. The medical staff here have some concerns with the volume of visitors we've had and asked that we limit the number of people who come to visit. Wanting to respect their request, and wanting what's best for the baby and Kelly, we're going to ask that only our families visit during the next few days. And instead of calling the hospital room to check on us, please call my cell or send me an email [they have Wi-Fi here]. Thanks for understanding our needs.

We deeply appreciate everyone's concern and care. I promise I'll get updates along when things happen. Your prayers have been a blessing.

Soon to be a papa, steve