Flip that Blog

Three. Just three posts in 2013. Is this even worth the server space? I mean, look at the Flickr plugin on the right there. That thing's out of commission.

It's all the signs of an abandoned website.

Listen, you've heard it before. Life is hectic.

  • I've done a wedding and a funeral this year.
  • Training for marathon number seven.
  • Working on my thesis proposal.

And the nature of my job totally switched in the last month, with me getting a new boss. Of course, I never actually described what my old job (that I've held since the fall of 2011 here) so, does it really matter.

I haven't given up, though. At some point, I'm going to unleash all my writing fury on this baby.

And you're gonna want to see that.

EDIT: I fixed that Flickr pluggin. At least I have some nice Kaelyn pictures there.