Swapping Calendars

As I sized up 2012, I told many people that it was, without a doubt, one of the most difficult years of my life. My professional challenges (both at Echo and CCU) were incredibly strenuous and it was exacerbated by the displacement caused by our condo fire (at one point I added it up and I spent only about nine-and-a-half months this year sleeping in my own bed [and this doesn't imply that Kelly forced me to sleep on the couch]). Wrapping up the year, I was as exhausted as I had ever been. I was overjoyed at the thought of kicking 2012 to the curb. Then I had a change of heart.

Even though there weren't any huge events last year that stand out, there were dozens of little vignettes that I cherished: We enjoyed our family time together. I had the chance to travel on the cheap. I took some great photos and started to learn video. I continued to develop into a solid recreational runner and played a good amount of soccer. I continued teaching and learning. I solidified some great relationships and was blessed to mentor some people around me. I continued to find contentment in what the Lord has given me.

In the end, one of the worst years I ever had was actually one of my best.

Life's like that now and then, huh? Here's looking forward to 2013.