This Place Still Exists

I used to feel bad when I didn't post anything here. As if I was letting someone down.

But lately, I've just felt sad. No posts here mean that I'm not carving out any time to write reflectively.

I'm actually doing quite a bit of writing right now—in emails, on social media, with copy at work, in my doctoral studies—and I feel like it's affecting me; I'm typing at blazingly fast speeds as of late. But I prefer to write here. It permits me opportunities to really be creative.

But life keeps getting in the way. The day job has been a little crazy. Fortunately, God is using Echo to minister to even me. I feel like I'm getting closer to a clearing. November looks tasty fun.

So if you still peak in here, or if you subscribe to the RSS feed, thanks for your devotion. I'll get some better content soon.

And in the meantime, I'm taking lots of pictures, posted at When I don't find time to write, I takes me pics.