A Weekend Buffet

If the 1980's taught us anything, it was the following nugget of wisdom: "Wax on, wax off."

There are few things in the world as satisfying as waxing a car. As a new driver, I discovered that a nice coat of wax can make an old car look new. My only hang up was the time-intensity; waxing a car by hand (including a good washing ahead of time), took a few hours. Still, it was worth it. I tried to give me car a good waxing a couple of times a year.

About seven years ago, my parents must have realized my passion and gave me a car buffer for Christmas.

Best gift ever.

But a few months later, our move to the city required downsizing. I reluctantly left the buffer at my parents house. The buffer spoils you, making a hand wax seem like rocking a Nokia 3310 (am I right?). So now, I almost refuse to wax without the buffer.

Which is why I like three-day weekends.

The downside to multi-dwelling city living is that, with no drive way or garden hose, car maintenance is more complicated. When it comes to caring for our rides, I prefer to do it at my parents' house in the 'burbs. But that requires losing a day to the task. But the glory of the three-day weekend is that I can squeeze it all in and still feel rested. A holiday like Memorial Day is ripe for waxing. Even though yesterday's heat was oppressive, I found a patch of shade and buffed away. After finishing, my old 1999 Exploder looked six years newer. I'm not sure there are many feelings in this world like hopping in a newly waxed automobile.

It rained today.