Not Quite Lazy

Haven't had the chance to write much lately. In the past four weeks, the world at the House of Carr has been spinning even faster.

  • Kaelyn started all-day kindergarten and a 13-year journey in public education.
  • Kelly transitioned to life without constant Kaelyn presence.
  • Kelly greatly expanded her volunteer role, with Echo and multiple other ventures.
  • I wrapped up a sermon series on minor prophets, preached a sermon from the Apocrypha and am starting through the Gospel of Mark.
  • I'm training for a marathon that I may/may not run in November.
  • I attended a local conference sponsored by a young professionals organization.
  • I took a new position within Cincinnati Christian University (teaser—more news on this soon).
  • As a result, I'll be moving offices down the hall, forcing an array of logistical issues.
  • I'm waiting to transition jobs until we get this current recruiting class enrolled next week.
  • We had dinner with Papi and Heidi, our missionaries in Poland.
  • I'm doing a wedding this weekend for Terry and Laura from Echo Church (our second Echo wedding).
  • I'm doing another wedding in six days for some other friends.
  • We're still negotiating to purchase the church building we're currently renting.
  • Just in case Echo is forced to move, we're exploring other rental possibilities within the neighborhood.

I'm not complaining; a busy life is far from boring. I'm just justifying my lack of content as of late. I'm sure I'll have something more substantive to read soon.