Finding Your Way

Semi's aren't supposed to go that slow. Then again, semi's don't usually traverse through Eden Park either.

And rarely do semi's stop in the middle of Eden Park Drive and never does the driver hop out.

But as I continued my morning run, I saw the truck driver walking towards me and I realized he was lost.

"Where are you headed?" I huff, catching my breath.

"I was headed to Playhouse in the Park, but can't find it on Gilbert Avenue. I think these directions are wrong"

Rookie mistake. Even though Playhouse sits in Eden Park, their props garage is on Gilbert Avenue in Walnut Hills. It took me a few seconds to redirect him and he was on his way.

This has happened many times before, especially over the past couple of years since I've done marathon training. Drivers will see me jogging through Walnut Hills, Hyde Park, or Downtown, pull over, and ask me directions. I am the remedy for the locationally challenged.

I've been asked directions to the Art Museum. I've been asked directions to Krohn Conservatory. I've been asked directions to Xavier. I've been asked directions to Blue Ash (yeah, they were way off target). While in Newport, I've been asked directions to downtown (cross the river).

I must emit some sort of approachable vibe. Or it could also be that I'm a middle-class white dude running through predominantly black neighborhoods (nearly 100% of the people who stop me are white). Regardless of why they approach me, I attempt to give them thorough directions. It's the least I can do as friendly representative of our fair city.

The only issue I have is that stopping me is not entirely helpful to my cardio. I have to stop, catch my breath long enough to formulate some sentences, and then try to get back in rhythm. And it ruins my time. But I kinda like it. I love for people to get the sense that the city is a safe, friendly place. Maybe seeing that people are out on the streets, embracing urban living, will slowly change perceptions.

So next time you get lost, check out your GPS: your Global Positioning Steve.

See what I did there?