This Year Just Feels New

It's funny how a new calendar makes us feel different. It's like when you pull out that new pair of gym shoes an inhale the glorious newness. I haven't accomplished nearly as much as would've liked to in this first week of the year, but perhaps that's because I'm still smelling my shoes. Whatever that means.

Unlike the days of my youth, I'm not struggling to remember to write the correct year. Perhaps it's because I rarely write checks anymore, but upon the completion of this first full week, I'm well aware that it's 2011. I have yet to correct myself writing the wrong year. Huzzah.

No huge resolutions for me, just some tuning up. Among other things:

  • I'm slowly trying to cut back my Diet Coke intake. Do not be alarmed: I'm not eliminating it, just moderating it. I'm kinda ashamed to admit how much I was consuming per day. I find myself drinking more iced-tea. Still not drinking a ton of water. The agua around the office should be treated as if it's from a developing country— avoided at all cost.
  • Trying to get to bed earlier. Thus far, I've failed miserably. But teaching a late night class out of town on Mondays has skewed the rest of the week. We'll see how that works out.
  • I'm back to training for the Flying Pig Marathon. This would mark my fourth Pig, and my third 26.2. I feel like I'm finally figuring out how to do this thing. So we'll see if I can avoid injury and achieve a personal best this spring.

One more thing: since turning thirty-five, I've been wondering about my eyes. Today I actually had to increase the font size on my internet browser. I feel like I'm starting to strain to read very small print. I'm fully aware that I'm going to need reading glasses some day. Perhaps it's time for a return trip to the optometrist. Unfortunately, I just bought a long term set of contacts. Brilliant, eh?

Maybe I'll blog a bit more too. That would be novel.