People In My Life: Tim Tucker

A few years ago I was in the midst of a rough patch in my life; true, it paled in comparison to many of the complexities that people in the world face everyday, but it was a big deal to me. I needed some recalibration. I needed a shake-up. And then, one day, Tim walked through the door.

Tim was going through some things in his life as well. He was looking for some direction. And the best I could offer was to spend some time with me and observe life in the ministry. For almost a year, Tim accompanied me on hospital calls. We talked all things Scripture and life. It was good times. Investing in him was actually therapeutic.

When we decided we were going to plant a church, Tim was the first outside person I told. He signed on to Echo that very day.

Tim was unable to relocate to the city-center, so he commuted from the northern suburbs to Walnut Hills. During those first two years, Tim would drive an hour round trip multiple times a week to be a part of our church. He helped set-up. He helped tear down. He helped wherever hands were needed. He was my right hand man.

After a while, the exhaustion of not being where our church was got the best of him. Tim had to step away from Echo. But I've still always considered him to have been an instrumental part of us surviving those early years. He was a constant encourager. And, at the very least, he reduced my workload which was a blessing to my ministry and my family.

This week, Tim is relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. Although we haven't gotten together nearly as much in the past couple of years, it was comforting having him so close. We had lunch a couple of weeks ago just to reminisce about our friendship. I am truly thankful that God brought him into my office over six years ago. And I'm very thankful for the good times we've had.

We ate. We laughed. We played sports. We dressed up like Santa and a Reindeer (no picture link). We ran down thieves. And some of my best stories involve Tim.

So God speed, friend, in your new life!