What We Watch

I'm kinda in a blogging funk right now. I have a few things on tap that I'd like to write, but nothing I feel like knocking out tonight. In baseball, you sometimes need an infield single to break a slump, so maybe that's what I need. So to get a ball in play, here's the current list of television shows we watch. It might seem like a lot, but we're paying for cable and the DVR optimizes our viewing experience so . . . judge not and stuff.


  • Amazing Race— By far, the best reality show going. Although this season is a weak season (one where the competitors are more lovable than competitive) it's still worth the investment. It's our after church tradition.


  • How I Met Your Mother— Been watching since episode one. Consistent comedy is hard to find these days. Plus, we're their demographic.


  • V— I had great memories of the first series back in the 1980's. It's a little slow, but it's kinda a nostalgia thing.


  • Glee— Even though it's not on right now, it's become one of Kelly's favorite shows. Don't let the music fool you: they have some great writers.


  • Community— Perhaps my favorite show on television right now. It's taken the baton from The Office. We're constantly rewinding to catch jokes we've missed.
  • Parks and Recreation— They were struggling after Season One but had a great comeback. The show has some interesting characters and a good future.
  • The Office— It's Old Faithful. They've had a rough season, but I think they can squeeze out one more.
  • 30 Rock— If you remember, it was exactly where Parks and Rec was. I had faith in Tina Fey, but the first episodes were rough. It turned the corner making the payoff way worth it.
  • FlashForward— The best show that no one is watching. We're hoping that they at least wrap up loose ends before they cancel it.
  • America's Best Dance Crew— We are so cool. I'm not sure anyone beside Kelly and I watch this show.
  • Taking the Stage— Filmed locally at the SCPA, the storyline is teeny-boppish, but I enjoy looking at the Cincinnati scenes. They make our town look gorgeous.


  • The Soup— Reminds me how pathetic the shows that we don't watch are.


  • Saturday Night Live— Been watching it since Junior High. I'm not gonna stop now. Loves me some sketch comedy.

And since I'm at it, here are the shows we've dropped:

  • Celebrity Apprentice— It's altered the definition of celebrity and has become unwatchable.
  • American Idol— Adding Ellen, subtracting Paula, and losing both Simon and any talented performers— A.I., meet the Shark. Care to jump it?
  • 24— Just couldn't do it anymore. I might turn in to the last episode.

Feel free to chime in and compliment/criticize our selections.