Taking Back The City

I feel really good about the church in Cincinnati. During the past few months the overall vibe at Echo Church has changed. There's an energy that's growing and other people are feeling it too.

And maybe some this excitement surrounds some potential changes with our young congregation.

At the beginning of this year, we were informed that the church from which we rent is contemplating closing their doors. Since this building has been the only home that Echo Church has known throughout our existence, this puts us in a predicament. We had a couple of the meetings with the church [our landlord] and submitted a proposal to take over the operation of the building. This would be a significant move that would change the way that Echo does ministry, that would take a considerable financial investment. But as we are committed to the Walnut Hills community and the surrounding neighborhoods, we embrace the opportunity to plant even deeper roots here. If our proposal is rejected, we will be forced to find a new meeting place by this fall.

So something's gonna change.

No matter what happens, our church is up for the challenge. We're doing some great ministry, both locally and globally. We're growing beyond our time of being a "church plant" and becoming an established congregation. And regardless of what becomes of things, a building won't define us.

And it's not just what's happening at Echo that has me feeling good. There are also some great things are happening at churches throughout the city. Just to highlight a few of them:

  • Christ the King Church finally launched in January in a nearby neighborhood and looks to be gaining momentum.
  • State Avenue Church of Christ and our friends at Hope Inner City are seeing record crowds at their inner-city congregation. And we at Echo are working with H.I.C. to investigate the possibility of planting a hip-hop church on the westside.
  • I finally met Josh Lenon and some of his team who are preparing to plant Red Door Church in northern Cincinnati.
  • Legend Community Church made it through their first year and continues to reach out to the Oakley area.
  • Covenant First Presbyterian Church, one of our city's oldest churches, continues to thrive under the leadership of Russell Smith.
  • And there are these churches called Vineyard and Crossroads that are doing some cool things too.
  • And I could spend all night listing the dozens of other churches that are doing great things in the Queen City.

To repeat: I'm feeling really good about how the people of God are embracing this city.