Someone Write This Script For Me

A new comedy movie. The idea is free to whomever wants to script it:

  • Fast-forward eight years from this fall.
  • After two terms of this president (yes, two), the country has jumped the shark.
  • There are walls around everything; reality TV stars run congress and the Supreme Court is stocked with NASCAR drivers, etc.
  • Americans are fed-up with the whole thing and want a do-over.
  • Democracy is blamed and a national vote makes the U.S. a monarchy.
  • The country wants a descendent of George Washington to be our new ruler.
  • There’s only one left: a millennial living in his mom’s basement who created a mustache phone app.
  • He takes over as king and hijinks ensue.
  • The lesson in the end is that failing democracy is better than no democracy at all.

Think an American version of King Ralph.
Casting is key here. Nick Cage has to provide some sagely wisdom.
I keep coming back to Shia LaBeouf as the lead character, but playing a version of himself.

It would work, people. Now go write it.