You Big Baby!

Went with Kelly to the doctor this morning to see an ultrasound of the little girl. I got to see the first one a few months ago, but it's such a fascinating experience I really wanted to go again.

The only detraction of the whole trip is having to actually go into the OBGYN's office. There are some things there- models, diagrams, special instruments and charts- that men just shouldn't have to see [and isn't painting an examination room pink predictable?]. There should be a special testosterone room in every OBGYN office so that men can maintain their machismo. How about some SportsCenter or a power saw? Dang, I'd settle for a freaking Sports Illustrated in the waiting room [although I was able to find some good dish about Kevin and Britney]. I'm pretty sure that if I was forced to go into this office before we had the baby, there might not be one now.

That being said, Kelly really likes the doctor, as do I. I went to elementary school through high school with her doctor's daughter which, by the way, adds absolutely no awkwardness to having to be in the office. It is nice to know that the person who will be in the delivery room with you is someone you know and trust.

So to the good news: the baby's very healthy. We even got to see her sticking her tongue out. More and more I'm looking forward to her arrival.

But the one interesting thing we learned today is that the child is already three pounds, three ounces. At this stage in the pregnancy, that puts her in the 94th percentile of baby sizes. In normal people speak, this is a big honkin' baby. Now there's always the chance that she had an early growth spurt and her weight will even out through the next few months. The doctor factored out her current growth rate and gave us a computer generated image of what she will look like at 4 weeks old. Apparently it's something like this:

Pray for Kelly. Not only is she big, but I guess she got my looks.