A Whale of A Time

I don't know much, but the little I do know could've prove helpful to people in London yesterday.

People in England sprang to action as a bottlenose whale was swimming in the Thames River, a body of water not known for it's whale population. They dispatched help to try to get the whale back to the ocean. Unfortunately, the whale didn't survive the trip and died. Shocker.

Growing up with animals, I understood that they didn't like to hang around the house to die. Both cats and dogs alike would wander off into the woods, returning to the wild to meet their end. As Kelly and I watched the scene unfold we asked the same question: does anyone think it went down-river to die?

Hmmmm, I guess we were right. Whale dies. Thousands of dollars wasted.

BTW, forget about the Thames or Moby Dick, this is still the best whale story ever.