The Real Old Testament

Here's an official Beit Carr endorsement:

Last August, through an obscure Google search, I came across a website for an independent movie produced by a couple of brothers out in California. They made a comedy movie morphing MTV's The Real World and the book of Genesis. The result: The Real Old Testament. This December they put out the DVD so I pre-ordered a copy that arrived right before Christmas. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I honestly think that this is the funniest movie I've seen all year [sure, the year just started, but the movie has staying power].

The film traces the paths of the major characters of Genesis in a documentary type format, totally mimicking The Real World. Like the show, participants do one-on-one "reflection interviews" with the camera, describing their thoughts and feelings as the story progresses. And yes, they even have someone portraying God [co-director Curtis Hannum] who allows us a chance to see The Lord's true opinions about creation ["if I had it to do all over again, I don't think I'd create ticks"].

With movies like this, there's always a fine-line to walk between comedy and blasphemy. But this movie finds its way between the two. I'm not sure if Curtis and Paul Hannum [the movie's creators] intended their movie for church use, but it could be. The Real Old Testament is surprising accurate to the Biblical text; they even put chapter and verse on the screen as each scene begins. And they don't hold back from the seedier parts of the storyline: How did Cain go about killing Abel? Was Abraham really that gullible? What were Lot's daughters thinking? And what was up with Rachel and her mandrakes?

I won't lie to you: this is not for the ultra-conservative crowd. Adam and Eve are shown naked; though digitally "blurred out" they're still rather exposed. And there is some foul language, which is also [mostly] bleeped out but still discernible. But despite all this, I definitely recommend this movie because the message remains authentic. I think this film would resonate with people who are struggling to connect Scripture that is thousands of years old to life today. To them, this film might actually make the Bible seem more real. I'm trying to figure out how to use it in our current message series. Maybe I should partner with these guys and produce The Real Old Testament Bible study?

If you really need to be sold on the movie, go to the website, click on video clips and check out the "Covenant" clip. It shows God explaining to Abraham the covenant of circumcision. All men will resonate with Abraham's line, "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!?!?!" I can't remember ever laughing so hard. I guarantee, if you watch that clip, you'll get the DVD too.

Good flick. Two thumbs up.