A Little Less Conversation

We have one more day here in Vegas, as we fly out tomorrow morning. We've seen a little bit of everything. Casinos, Hoover Dam [pic below], and Kelly finally got to see here Elvis impersonator. Yesterday we even had the chance to stop by and see fellow CCU alum Adam Reid who is a middle school minister at the massive Central Christian Church out here. Sounds like he's doing some great ministry. I just can't imagine having to do youth ministry where your kids are constantly exposed to soft-core porn ads 24/7. He says it's a struggle, but it allows them the opportunity for an open-dialogue about all things sexual. I have a lot of respect for these guys doing ministry out here.

I've seen/heard some of the most bizarre things here. Best story: we were driving down the road and this guy was jamming to his car stereo. The song blaring out: Michael Jackson's Black and White. I couldn't get over it. I thought that maybe the song came on the radio and he was too lazy to change the station. But four minutes later we pull up to an intersection and the same guy is still listening to the same Jacko's song. YES, THE GUY HAD THE SONG ON LOOP! I don't care what town you're in, that's just not right.

So far, we're $3.00 down to the slots. Fortunately, we're not the big gambling type, so it shouldn't get any worse. I'll keep you posted on what trouble we get to today.