CityLink Center Revisited

In my first post about the proposed CityLink Center, I laid out why I would invest funds into starting urban churches rather than in a one-shop mall for those in need. My thinking was derived from a pastor's perspective, having nothing to do with the current political controversy plaguing the project. Because of some of the comments posted on Beit Carr, and not wanting my beliefs to be misinterpreted, I wanted to expound on my previous post. Three thoughts:

1) I agree with One City's vision to help people out. Just because I disagree with how they're going about it, I understand and appreciate what they want to accomplish. Unlike others, I don't believe that the groups behind this project are driven by ego, but that backers honestly care about the lives of impoverished Cincinnatian; they should be commended for their move to action. Just because I wouldn't do it this way doesn't believe I'm against what they're doing. This isn't about theology, but methodology so I'm good. If they've honestly researched this and believe that this is God's calling for their ministries, then I say, "Godspeed." That being said . . .

2) You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This is quickly turning into a PR nightmare for the One City group. Many [vocal] West End residents are against CityLink and, most likely, they will never sway from that position. But still, I think you have to make a concerted effort to at least pretend to listen to the community opposition. Constantly waving the flag of "we're a private corporation so we can do whatever we want" isn't the best way to win friends and influence people.

3) I don't believe churches are a "magic wand" solution to our city's problems. However, I still think they are the best solution. As one person commented, it's not merely about more churches, but communities consisting of passionate believers willing to advance the cause of Christ in the city. Yes, this might seem simplistic, but if we followers of Jesus truly believe in the promises of Scripture then this shouldn't be a stretch. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing.

I think this whole thing is going to get uglier as the weeks go by. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.