You're . . . A Jerk!

With the last episode of the Apprentice last night, my reality TV season is officially over. Survivor and The Amazing Race are the other shows I watch regularly.

Since no one really watches the Apprentice anymore, I feel irrelevant posting about it, but I really need to since I've been fuming since it ended last night. This season was, what I liked to call, "The Season of The Dopes." It was by far the weakest field of contestants since Trump first started saying the "You're Fired" like white suburbanites drop "Fo' Shizzle." Because of this, the coronation of Randall as the winner started since week one. But, then again, is it really a privilege to win an ugly contest?

So it was between Randall and Rebecca. Randall screwed up his last task, a softball game, but was able to spin it as a success. Rebecca did a great job with her event but raised no money for her charity since the tight-you-know-whats at Yahoo felt bad about asking rich people for money [you had to watch it to understand]. It was close, but Randall was announced the winner. Shocker.

But here's where it got good. As Randall is celebrating as if he accomplished something really amazing, Trump calls him back to the boardroom table. Trump asks Randall if he should give Rebecca a job too, since she is a high caliber candidate. And Randall squirts out some dumb explanation that he shouldn't give her a job because the show is "The Apprentice" singular and not "The Apprenticies" plural. I think he made that last word up.

So given the opportunity to be a gentleman and help some one else out, at no expense to himself mind you, Randall was afraid of sharing the spotlight and screwed over Rebecca. That was so not cool. The whole season I tolerated Randall even though I think he was overhyped, but now I need not tolerate him anymore. This guy, as Tom Cruise would say, is a jerk. There's no recovery. He cares about one person: the guy looking back at him in the mirror.

It was a great lesson on character. You knew Trump was holding this surprise card up his sleeve, so Randall had no idea this was coming. When asked to make this snap decision, he had no opportunity to think it over. It was an impulse choice that reflected the kind of person he was. And his true self came out. That person isn't someone I'd want working in my organization. Trump should have fired him on the spot. But it's The Don we're talking about here, so Randall stays.

Congrats there, Randall. You might have won the big prize but you also won the boobie prize.