Yet Another True Story

Panera always has bread samples out. If you wonder how I keep from eating food all day, I watch people go at the samples. The best are the people who make a special trip into the store, grab a handful of samples and leave. When it was slow a couple weeks ago, I watched a person come in the store, get a few samples and leave. They were driving a new Mercedes Benz. I guess that's how you afford it: leech off samples and bank your food money.

I digress.

Today a mother came in with her kid. She made a b-line for the samples and came to a sudden stop. It was as if our three-cheese bread had attacked her.

She frantically yelled out to me, "Is this your cheese bread?"

I calmly responded, "Yes it is, ma'am."

Half-stunned she replied, "Well it's a good thing I asked then. He's allergic"

Puzzled I asked, "Isn't it labeled there on that card?" [note: that's why we have to label all our samples, in addition to posting a disclaimer on them, so no one dies by the bearclaws].

And the woman responded, "Yeah it was labeled, but I wasn't sure."

I'm still a little confused as to what this woman was thinking. If the boy was allergic to cheese, and it looked like cheese bread, and it was labeled cheese bread, wouldn't you assume that it was, in fact, cheese bread? I could understand if it was labeled "sourdough" and she thought it was cheese bread that she might be unsure. But everything pointed to it being cheese. Are you getting this? It made absolutely no sense at all.

The only thing I can figure out is that she was crazy. I think I'm going to suggest more cheese bread samples tomorrow.