With or Without Me

I think I figured out why I was up at 4:00 in the morning:

I was coming down with something.

I was feeling horrible on Sunday morning, but managed to preach out at Amelia. By the end of the sermon, I needed to leave. Kelly drove us home and I crashed on the couch. I felt nauseous as my temperature started rising throughout the afternoon. And, not to give you too much information, but I threw-up yesterday as well. Yes, my 10-year reign at the top finally came to an end.

So because of this virus I missed our Echo gathering last night. It really killed me not to be there. I knew that, eventually, I'd miss one of our services but never imagined it would come this early. I seriously thought about going [despite my 102 degree temperature] but I didn't want to risk getting everyone else sick just so I could keep my perfect attendance record. I actually find it comforting that things went on without me there. It's nice when you realize that the church can get along when you're not present.

Hopefully I can get over this thing soon. I don't like the thought of being sick on Christmas.