The Holidays Roll On

Well, a lot has happened in the past week- so much so that I'm not sure I'll be able to record it all. We had an awesome time in Lexington, celebrating Christmas with Kelly's family. We made it back to Cincy late on Christmas Eve, going to church yesterday with my parents and spending the day with them. Not all the family was able to make it then, so we're going to have another Christmas celebration Friday night on my birthday.

That leaves Kelly and me with this week off and only a few things to get done. Today we did . . . well, absolutely nothing. But with all these holidays left to celebrate, can you really blame us? Both Kwanzaa and [C]Hanukkah began this week and, of course, today is Boxing Day. Sure, no one in the U.S. celebrates Boxing Day [it's mostly a British holiday] but you gotta try. I chose to celebrate by watching English Premier League soccer.

So even though we have nothing to do, it should be a big week. With all this going on, I'm a little too tired to type. I'll try again later.