She Calls Out To The Man On The Street . . .

Among the things that made this Sunday a great day:
  • It was a beautiful fall morning for a drive, despite the category seven winds.
  • This morning at Amelia, a lady said the following remark about my sermon: "Well, that didn't suck." Brilliant.
  • I was able to listen to a Mark Driscoll sermon on the iPod during the commute.
  • This afternoon, we hit some Donatos for lunch. That pizza rocks.
  • My wife watched the Bengals game with me and was sincerely interested.
  • The Bengals are 7-2, and they get to play the Ravens again in three weeks.
  • We had three more first-time visitors tonight, two of them from the neighborhood.
  • Teaching Genesis 3 was awesome. The text practically teaches itself.
  • We have an incredible core group of people at Echo Church that all kick in.
  • Our employee meeting at Panera after church wasn't that bad.
*Yep, Phil Collins, just another day for you and me in paradise.

*True, Phil's Song Another Day In Paradise does not actually talk about a positive day, but I decided to use it for this post. It's a lot like the way people used Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA to show American pride while, all the while, it was sarcastic.