It comes in 3's

I really haven't written about my third job. So many things have been going on that I just forget to post about it. I'm working at Panera weekdays in the mornings and evevnings. I'm building Echo on weeknights and Sunday nights. And for the time being, on Sunday mornings, I'm the interim preacher at the Amelia Church of Christ on the east side of Cincinnati. Amelia lost their minister a couple of months ago and, thanks to a JoLynn Handel connection, I was able to get in there. This will be my fourth week filling in tomorrow.

So far, it's been a good experience. Back in college [and when I worked at the college] I used to go around and preach at these little churches all over the area. I'd just show up, shake some hands, and preach my heart out. I've been doing the same thing out at Amelia and they've appreciated it. I'm preaching through Acts, tying in some Old Testament links to the book. So they get what they need [someone to preach] and I get what I need [the chance to preach and a little extra money] and everyone's happy.

I have to say that their building is one of the most interesting church buildings I've been in. It's designed with many different angles and absolutely no symmetry. I arrived early my first Sunday there and explored the place. There are four different levels in the building with stairwells all over the place. The building, which is about thirty years old, must have been designed by an architect with a sense of humor.

I don't know how much longer this gig will last; they're interviewing candidates to take the position full-time. But I'll live it up for all it's worth. I've got three jobs. How 'bout that for the American dream?