And our baby is . . .

. . . a girl!

I was right all along. I would've put money on it, but no one was taking bets.

We're thrilled at the news; like I wrote yesterday, it's starting to feel even more real. Perhaps the coolest part of the ultrasound was seeing all the fingers on the little girl's hand. It's so amazing how God allows us humans to be created!

The ultrasound technician did say there was an 85% chance it was a girl, meaning there's a 15% percent chance she was wrong. These, however, are odds I'm willing to accept. This is the first grandchild in Kelly's family, the seventh in mine [the second girl on our side]. All the grandparents were excited about the news. And now there's four months to go until we get to see her face to face.

All day I've been thinking about "her." Isn't interesting what a pronoun can do? For the past four or five months we've been talking about this baby as an "it," not wanting to distinguish its sex. And now, "it" is a "she." It changes everything.

Every morning at Panera there's this guy in his mid-thirties that comes in with his two-and-a-half year old daughter. The little girl has a different toy every day that she likes to show me. She's absolutely adorable. The more I saw them, the more I thought how fun it would be to take my little girl on errands with me. And now I'll get my chance.

Yeah, it's starting to feel so real . . .

. . . and I can't wait.