About Jobs

There's just too much I want to talk about today, so I gotta drop some some totally unconnected thoughts. But I will use my preaching skills to package them as a cohesive unit. So this afternoon, my friends, it's all about jobs.

1. Mayor
Fearing death at the hands of P Diddy [or Diddy, Puffy, Duffy, or whatever], I decided to vote this afternoon. This was my first election as a resident in the city of Cincinnati [I've always lived in the 'burbs] so I finally had the chance to effect the outcome of a mayoral race. Unfortunately, I really don't care for either candidate. Am I just reaching that point in life where no political figure is going to be able to gain my respect? At least I got one of those little voting stickers.
2. News Personality
Today was Channel 5 day at Panera today. Three of the news women from Cincinnati's NBC affiliate came in today and, by the third one, I had to make a comment about it. I told the anchorlady, "everyone from your work has been in here today." She said, "really, who?" This was problematic because I really don't watch Channel 5, so I had to respond [no kidding], "Well, that one woman who got mugged by that fake attacker in that one story." And she knew exactly who I was talking about.
3. Professional Athlete
-Terrell Owens wants us to feel bad for him. I just can't do it. Could you imagine a job where you could publicly criticize your boss [to the national media, at that] and get away with it? Good luck in your next job, T.O.

4. Cheerleader
I just can't ignore this story, but I'll do my best to tread lightly. About those two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders . . . um, yeah, that's messed up. It's stuff like this that give cheerleaders a bad reputation.

5. Lawyers
You think lawyers take a beating here in the US, life's not to good if you're one of Saddam's Hussein lawyer. It might be better to sell fruit or something.

That's about it for today. I guess I should give a shout out to this guy too. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be posting this right now.