What the world needs now

Have you seen these diamond commercials where the guy gets his wife of ten plus years in some pretty location and then says he wants to marry her all over again? Immediately the woman looks up and all of her friends and family are there to share in the moment. Heart strings are yanked and South Africa makes more money off diamond purchases [which they used to use to maintain apartheid].

What a crock! Like that kind of thing would ever happen in real life. Guys, could you imagine a buddy coming up to you saying, "Hey, I want to impress my wife. Can you show up so I can give her an expensive ring and ask her to marry me all over again?" Your response would probably be to stuff the expensive jewelry in a place from which the woman would never retrieve it. Any guy trying to get away with something like that, flaunting his mojo in front of another guy's woman, would never watch football, play golf or drink beer with men ever again.

That being said, here's a picture of my wife and I in Paris. Bite me, guys, I don't need friends.