Oh, man . . .

I can't make up stuff like this: a church in Illinois claims is the country's first "man church." Grove Community Church in Peoria calls themselves "America's First Church for Men and Those Who Love Them." Grove City sets-up their sanctuary look like a hunting lodge, refers to their senior pastor as a "head coach" and are in the midst of offering a NASCAR ticket give-away promotion.

Now I'm all for reaching out to men; churches in the past twenty years have done a lot of emasculating, so there's plenty of damage to make up for, but trying to make your church a Sunday morning version of The Man Show [sans the alcohol and trampoline girls, I can only assume] is . . . well, a bit tacky. Is it possible to reach men for Jesus without making your church look like a Bass-Pro Shop? I think so. I think you can make the Christian faith "manly" without resorting to gimmickry. So my call is: good motive, bad form.

If nothing else, the man church reminded me of a song they always play on the Bob and Tom Radio show. So for all you testosterone bearers out there, here's The Man Song.