Modeling Diversity

Even though our condo is on the edge of Eden Park, we actually live in Walnut Hills. On the signs welcoming people to Walnut Hills, it claims to be, "A Diverse Community since 1800." I'd say this is an accurate claim. There's a colorful palette of people here, people of different cultures and backgrounds; so far, it's been a cool place to live. I love driving through the community, able to claim that this is my neighborhood.

Allow me to rewind to a few months ago when I finally got an iPod. One of the main reasons I persuaded Kel to let me get it is that I love downloading sermon mp3's, listening to them during my commute. It's helped me both spiritually and in my preaching. Along with the iPod I purchased an iTrip, a device that allows you to listen to your iPod via radio frequency. In order to do this, you need to find a frequency that has no station on it. I use 87.9, which is a pretty safe bet throughout Cincy. But every once in awhile, I'm driving in an area and a signal interferes with my iTrip. I'll be listening to a sermon and then, out of nowhere, I'm jamming to Indian music. It's a little disturbing, but I still love the gadget.

Now back to this afternoon, I was driving home from work, via the backroads. I was enjoying the beautiful weather, my windows down and my iPod blaring out a guy preaching. As I drove through one of the more diverse parts of Walnut Hills, in an area where I've been able to feel the bass from other cars pounding in my chest, my iTrip picked up another frequency. And it happened right as I pulled up to a stop light, with other cars around me. The sound of the sermon disappeared and, in it's place, was a bit of diverse music:

Bagpipes. Blaring bagpipes. I kid you not. Personally, I'm not offended by bagpipes. My high school mascot was a Highlander so I have an affinity for ax-wielding guys in skirts and their music. It's just having your car stereo playing loud bagpipe music while driving through the city is a tad embarrassing.

I saw the guy in car next to me start to look over at me, and I quickly looked away. I mean, I couldn't just turn it off, I had to work through it. I wonder if that guy thought I always drive around rockin' out to Scottish folk music. Perhaps he even wondered if I was sporting a kilt [which I wasn't, but I think I have the legs for it].

But then again maybe he, like me, thought to himself that this is a diverse community. Whether rap, rock, r&b or Scottish folk music, there's room for us all.

It's supposed to be colder tomorrow. My windows will be rolled up. I won't have to worry about this problem again for at least a few months.