Let the earth shake!

I haven't "come down" yet, the day after the kick-off. I'm just lovin' life. It was back to work this morning, making the bagels and stuff like that. We were short on help today so I had to do dishes. Hail the conquering victorious church planter: rinsing the French Onion residue out of soup bowls. I rock.

So this afternoon I had to go see Mr Insurance Guy. Apparently we've not had any coverage on our condo since we moved into this place. Just terrific. So this meant a trip to the westside [Cheviot to be exact].

SIDEBAR: During this errand I was able to witness a typical westside scene. As I pulled up to Mr Insurance Guy's office there was a gentleman in the neighboring yard with no shirt on. He was actually picking things out of his chest hair. I kid you not: he kept at it from the time I got out of my car until I got inside.

Yes friends, these are my people. I am one of them. We sometimes have stuff in our chest hair that have to be removed . . . in our front yard . . . in broad daylight.

Now you know. OK, back to the story.

As we were getting coverage hammered out, Mr Insurance Guy asked if I needed earthquake insurance. I thought about it. For those of you who don't know, Cincinnati is near a fault line. There is the [slight] possibility that a major earthquake could hit the Ohio River valley. Our condo is on the side of a hill. If there ever is an earthquake, we could see some serious damage. Oh yeah, I went for it: I bought earthquake insurance in the midwest.

I know, I'm a tad loco, but it was cheap stuff. And now I can sleep easier knowing that, should the earth begin to tremble, that my stuff is covered. Can you say the same?

I'm having Mr Insurance Guy send me some quotes for hurricane insurance too. You never know.