Worst Job

We were pretty crowded for lunch today at Panera. I was able to help get some things done in the bakery, but the sandwich line was backed up. This lady walked in who had placed a call-in order and couldn't understand why her order wasn't completed on time [even though she could see the huge line]. The woman proceeded to chew out this college-age girl [Elaine] at the register for the food not being ready on time. She didn't stop there. When the lady got back to her work, she called the store to continue to complain about her. Too bad for Elaine. I guess I really feel bad because it could've just as easily been me.

I began to think how, sometimes, this job of mine can suck. Constantly dealing with disgruntled customers can definitely wear on you. Elaine had nothing to do with that order being late, but she took the flack for it. Not fun. Fortunately, the Panera Corporation allows its employees to do whatever they can [legally] to make customers happy, but sometimes there's no way you can make some people happy.

So even though my job's going well, like most jobs, it can suck at times. This idea of crappy jobs was ringing in my mind after I finished work and headed to my new doctor for a physical. I don't know how to say it politely, but the visit required that the doctor to "get physical" with me. So after experiencing something like this, I thought to myself, "hey, at least I don't have to touch other men in my job."

Then they needed "a specimen." Their words. My words: pee in a cup. So they send you into the bathroom and tell you to leave said specimen in a mailbox-sized cupboard in the bathroom. There was a little door on the other side of the cupboard for someone to grab the specimen. I wondered whose job it was to be on the other side of that cupboard. Could you imagine if part of your job was to open a mailbox and- surprise! Urine! "Yikes," I thought to myself. I'd much rather have people yell at me instead of handling pee-pee all day long.

It was then that I really began to think that my job could be way worse. I'll never complain again . . . at least for another week. I hope this helps out as you go to work today.