Time To Kill

I didn't have to work yesterday; I've finished my training period on Thursday and will begin on Monday morning as an actual employee. And Kelly only had to work half a day yesterday; Standard Publishing decided to reward its employees with a half a day off because they had a good year.

I dropped Kelly off at work in the morning and went to a Panera on Colerain Avenue to spend the time. No, it's not that I'm in love with Panera or anything, but they have the free wireless internet. I have no idea why people enjoy going to Starbucks where you have to pay for the wi-fi when it's free at Panera. Maybe that's what led me to want to work at Panera at the first place. You're free to go in and stay as long as you'd like without anyone hastling you. Anyway, I picked up Kelly around noon. We went to Steak 'N' Shake for lunch and then walked around the Cincinnati Mills mall for awhile. Kelly had an appointment with a dermatologist in Christ Hospital around 2:30, so we headed toward the city.

So I had an hour or so to kill while Kelly was in the doctor's office. I decided to spend my free time by going someplace I always wanted to, but never did: the William Howard Taft birthplace. Right across the street from the hospital is the birthplace of Cincinnati's most famous son [still talking about President Taft here, not this guy]. Taft is the only American to have been both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Taft's birthplace is a national park, the smallest national park in the United States. Admission is free and they give tours every half hour. It was a little awkward when the tour began and I was the only person on it. So here's this National Park Ranger going through his tour schpeel while I listened to his every word. Yep, awkward . . . but kinda fun. If you're at all interested in American history, I'd visit sometime.

I've loved moments by myself when I've had time to kill. It gives me the opportunity to do things I normally wouldn't do. Like there was one time when I was on a recruiting trip in Louisville and I had a few hours with nothing to do so. I went to Churchill Downs and took a tour of the track. One summer while Kelly and I were dating I drove down to Lexington to visit her. I was running early so I stopped by Cane Ridge to see the place where the Churches of Christ got their start.

Most people fear alone time, but I'd suggest using it to your advantage. Go someplace you normally wouldn't [seeing a movie by yourself is brave, but not good enough]. Go to a museum or a park. See if you learn something new. It's always different when there's no one around.