Like George and Louise

Yep, we're moving on up to the east side. Our deluxe apartment . . . er, 1195 square foot condo- will be ours tomorrow morning at 10am. We did a walk through earlier this evening and, aside from minor spackling and paint touch-ups, it's ready to go.

Tomorrow will be crazy as we need everything to come together perfectly for us to nail this move in. I've got the POD dropped off sometime in the morning, the closing at 10, and I'm supposed to work a few hours tomorrow [despite my asking off in advance], so there's a lot that has to fall into place. We'll see . . .

So no post on Thursday but, hopefully, by Friday night, we'll have internet access at the new Beit Carr. And as always: "Fish don't fry in the kitchen. And beans don't burn on the grill."