How about a cup o' joe?

I busted out of bed this morning at 4:00 so I could make it to Panera in Hyde Park to open by 5:00. I was supposed to come in, read a training manual, and follow someone around all morning. I guess the schedule was messed up because I ended up reading one page and then helping get the store ready to open.

My feelings on the overall second day: I hate being the new guy because a feel like a third wheel. Regardless of how willing I am to work hard, my lack of knowledge prevents me from being too helpful. I look forward to the day I'll know what I need to know to do my job well. Right now, I'm treading water . . . badly.

It was a pretty hectic morning rush, as people come in to get their bagels and coffee before they go to work. I wasn't "certified" on the register yet [although that was the last thing I learned before I left today; doesn't look too hard] so I was just doing little errands here and there. I was pretty much the stock boy. But I was cool with it.

So the one helpful thing I learned to do yesterday was brew the coffee. There are four different brews of coffee that Panera has and they get replaced every two hours to make sure they're fresh. The coffee machine pretty much works like one in your home. Grab an empty carafe [which holds about two gallons of coffee] and fill 'er up. It's not a task that takes too much training, I learned how to do it the first day, so I was ready to rock it. So as I'm finishing getting the coffee ready to brew the telephone rings. I offer to answer it and, before I do, I start the coffee up. It's a woman calling in a lunch order. Halfway through the conversation I hear liquid spilling. It's the coffee, pouring all over the floor. My first mess.

Apparently the last thing they do at the end of the day is fill up the carafes so they can soak up the excess coffee throughout the night. Yesterday, when I learned to brew the coffee, I was never told of this procedure, so the new coffee had no where to go. In my defense, I was ignorant and wouldn't have been able to tell if there were any water in it, but it was a quality first goof. My mistake gave me the opportunity to perform a task that I was "certified" to do: mop.

So two days down and one big mess to show for it. I AM AWESOME. We'll see what a new day brings, but I'm definitely in it to win it.