Feeling the flow

Finally, I had a day when I didn't fell like a total schlep. I got into work this morning, got on the register and was able to ring people up all morning. I didn't make any huge mistakes [or at least any that anyone knows about]. I was in the groove, bagging bagels and even making some lattes. I still don't know why anyone pays almost four bucks for a little coffee and some steamed milk. I'd save my money, carry around a canister of whipped cream and add it to my regular coffee. Same effect, cheaper price.

The people I work with are really cool. No one has chastised me yet for doing anything the wrong way [not even for the Day 2 coffee incident]. And all the customers gimme a break when I utter those beautiful words, "Sorry, I'm new here."

But after my morning around coffee and bagels, I must decry bakers from the days of old. I struggled all morning with the baker's dozen, Why did bakers feel the need to be so generous? Do you know how easy it is to mess up math adding to thirteen? I'm not sure anyone knows why they count this way, so it still ticks me off even more.

Besides that, life is good.