You Can Go Home Again

We got a phone call yesterday morning from Shane; always a little bit of fear involved when you get a call from the guy who just bought your house. Fortunately, it was a good call; they had received some of our insurance mail [which is bizarre because State Farm has our change of address and has already forwarded mail to my parent's house] and he asked if we wanted to pick it up and stop by the house. So let me get this straight: we get a chance to see what you've done to the house since we left? You couldn't keep us away.

He left our mail in the mailbox, so we didn't have to come in. But as we pulled up front I looked at the grass by the garage. See, the day before we moved out, the POD people came to pick up our stuff. I received a call from the guy saying he had a slight leak with the hydraulic line on the machine that moves the POD. "No big deal," he says. "There's a little on the grass and some on the driveway. It'll wash out with the next rain." OK. I'm cool, until I see that the area in the grass was actually a five yard circle. At the house closing, I told Shane what the guy said and he was absolutely fine with it. Yesterday evening, when we pulled up, the circle was still there but all the grass was totally dead. I knew we had to go in. I was very apologetic about it, but shame said it was no big deal. Tomorrow I'm going to call the POD place to complain, so we'll see if that gets me anywhere.

So when we walked in you could see that they had cool taste. The place was awesome. All their furniture looks sharp and it fits well in the house. They've already painted the blue basement with a tan like color and it looks incredible. We enjoyed the blue basement, but they've made it look even better. That's the only painting they've done so far [yes, my red room still survives but its days are short]. They have a huge freakin' big screen in the den with surround sound hooked up to it. The place is like a movie theater. Ananda [hope I spelled that right] is Shane and Amy's beautiful little four year old girl and she's in what-used-to-be-Kelly's lime green room; we had painted it before we put it up for sale. It was a good time. We also had the chance to talk to them about neighbors, other people in the neighborhood, and the nuances of Landen living. It was a unexpected visit but it was awesome.

I was thinking, once again, how blessed we were to have such a great house selling experience. The house sold quickly and to a couple of wonderful, understanding people who love the house as much as we did. Yeah, it's tough to move on, but it's nice when God makes it this easy.