A Walk In The Clouds

OK, first off, I should be beaten with rods for using a sucky Keanu Reeves movie as the title for this posting, but stick with me here and you'll see it fits. Tuesday was my day off, and I really had nothing to do. It was so bizarre that there was no work to be done on the house [obviously, since it's not our house any more], nor was there any other "assignment" I needed to complete. I found myself with a wide-open day. I've been reading this book, Walking the Steps of Cincinnati, by Mary Anna Dusablon which details different walks you can take around the city via stairwells. Somewhat inspired by the book, I decided to use my day to walk around the city.

I had an ulterior motive as well. I've been searching the internet for Cincinnati pictures to use for Echo Church stuff, and I discovered that there aren't many good quality [free] pics of Cincy out there. So I grabbed our Canon Powershot A95 digital camera and decided to take some myself. Honestly, this camera rocks; I absolutely loved the photos I took on vacation. So I was pumped up at the thought of my walking the streets alone, with just my camera.

By the end of my trek, I took over 160 pictures. I started the day in Eden Park, then headed over to Mount Adams. I rarely slowed down, vacillating between jogging and briskly walking. From there I parked my car by the Taft Museum and walked a circle from the P&G building to the Roebling Suspension Bridge and back again. I drove across the river to take a few shots from the Devou Park overlook, then drove down to the Covington Landing and, after that, went down to the Newport riverfront area. I finished the day by the Walnut Hills Christian Church to take a couple more shots in the area. Interesting enough, the church used to be covered with vines, and vines are where grapes grow, and that's the whole premise behind the Keanu Reeves movie A Walk In The Clouds. Boo-yah! Told you I'd make that title work! By then I was exhausted and headed for home.

Overall it was a good time. It was very uncharacteristic of me; I'm not the type who roams the streets alone. And I never take pictures like that. But I really enjoyed the time to myself. I was able to think, to get some exercise, and to see the city in a way I haven't in a long time. I'm excited about moving down there now. I'll probably have many more city/photo excursions.

So I figured out a way to post some of the pictures online through a free service called Flickr. Click on that link to check them out. I'll admit that, because of my artsy-fartsy ways, I digitally edited some of the pictures to make them look cool. Go ahead, view and enjoy, and see what I did on Tuesday.