These [NIKE ACG's] Were Made For Walking

OK, before I start taking hits for this posting title, I want to remind you that Jessica Simpson merely covered the "Boots song" song for the Dukes of Hazard soundtrack. It was originally recorded by Frank Sinatra's daughter Nancy. So there, take that Simpson Family [note: this doesn't include you Nick, because you're a hometown guy].

Into day two of the car under repair. Yesterday I was able to get in contact with the company with whom I have the warranty. They were very nice over the phone, but will be sending a representative over this morning to inspect the engine. The engine is no longer in my Explorer; James from Kings Ford called yesterday and asked permission to remove it from the car. "Go ahead. Why not?" I answered. It's not like it'll ever work again. So as long as the warranty company takes responsibility, it's no big deal. We see if I have to play hard ball with them.

The past couple of mornings I've had Kelly drop me off at the UDF up the street so I can get my obligatory morning Diet Coke. I then walk the half mile or so down Mason Montgomery to the church. I'm really enjoying the walk. It's been rather comfortable climate-wise [no rain] and the sidewalks are in great shape. I just put in my earbuds, enjoy tunes from Coldplay and Mat Kearney, and watch the sun rise. I swear, the whole walking thing makes me feel urban. And I like it. I'd love to get a job working in Mount Adams when we move down there so I could walk to work in the mornings. Of course, I guess if I had to do this in the middle of January, I might be singing a different tune.

I always found walking somewhat boring and an inconvenience. I also thought it was the way you stayed in shape when you were too old to do strenuous exercise anymore. But when we moved to Landen, we had access to the beautiful trail around the lake and began to take walks. Either I've matured in the way I view walking, or I really am a wuss.

It's interesting that, after two days, I have yet to pass by someone on the sidewalks. This pedestrian pavement only periodically perceives people and predominantly those who plod along at a prompt pace [or you could say "only joggers use the sidewalks every once in awhile"]. I wonder why more people don't walk to work around here. I don't think it's for a lack of businesses; there are office parks all over the place. I guess it's just the nature of suburban sprawl: we don't live near where we work. That's too bad because there are so many advantages to it. I've used at least half of the gasoline I usually use when I'm driving during my walks. I'm such a conservationist.

Walking is another reason why I think I'll love urban dwelling. Walking gives you time to yourself. Walking slows your life down. Walking makes you think. All scary things, but maybe if we all did it a little more we'd be happier, less stressful and live a little longer.