Sometimes you don't have the words

It was a somber weekend in the Greater Cincinnati area as five local Marines were laid to rest after being killed in Iraq in a roadside attack. Not since the Vietnam War [which concluded before I was born] has our country seen these extreme numbers of combat casualties.

Greg McDaniel, co-pastor at the Impact Church, performed the funeral for one of the soldiers, Lance Corporal Timothy Bell Jr, yesterday at Lakota East High School. I'm sure it was a difficult service to perform, trying to say the right words and ignore the intense media coverage. It seems God gave him exactly what he needed to say to comfort the family and the community.

Whether or not you agree with the Iraqi conflict, you have to be proud and thankful of the sacrifices of these brave soldiers who gave their all for our country. If it were not for people like them that have risen to the occasion throughout America's history, we wouldn't have the freedoms that we hold so dear.