School Daze

I woke up this morning for the first day of school.

For a week or so, the Johnson's have been telling us of their first day of school tradition when they take photos of their kids before heading of to school. Kelly and I found this fascinating, so we were up by 6:00 to witness the photo shoot. Kelsey was up, ready to start her junior year of high school and they now had the pictures to prove it. Melinda asked if we did stuff like this on the first day of school when I was growing up and I responded, "My mom was a teacher. It wasn't exactly the most joyful time in the house."

I'm not sure I would want to go back in time to remember my first days of school. The only "first day" I was ever excited about was my senior year of high school and that was because I'd never have to go through it again [I'm sorry but, in this instance, I don't think college counts]. In fact, I've never really liked school. This is interesting because I have a master's degree [which means I was in school a long time] and I absolutley love learning. But I hate school. Maybe it's because of all the useless stuff I was taught. Guess how much geology I've used in my adult life? If you answered "zero," you're being generous.

I've listened to the kids at church talk about what they do in school now and it's a joke. They take web design classes, everyone has a study hall, and they're always on some kind of early dismissal schedule. It's ridiculous. No wonder these kids love school so much: they do nothing and get credit for it.

So before I fall off this soapbox, I'll just let you know that the Johnson's inspired me and I took a picture of Kelly before she left on the first day of school this morning:Yeah, I know, it wasn't her first day of school, but if I was going to a school and she was there, I probably wouldn't have hated it so much.