Put Me In Coach

We played softball yesterday. A lot of softball.

Yesterday was the tournament of our co-ed church [sorta] softball league. A few of the teams are from churches, while most of the teams are "loosely associated" with the sponsoring church [for instance, one of the teams was called "the Lunatics," sponsored by WEBN]. We struggled through the regular season and only won two games. And we were short four players for the tournament; we had to recruit a pitcher and a woman to play the infield. But we found the right combination of talents to play through the day. You may call it cocky, but I scheduled our Sunday night Catalyst activities thinking that we would be a little late. I had a good feeling about our chances.

Our first game was against one of the best teams in the league [yes, the aforementioned "Lunatics"]. They were solid at every position and they hit the ball well too. We were able to grab a lead and hold on to beat them. Then we had a rematch against our other CCM team and narrowly won that one. The third game we cruised to a victory, which put us in the championship.

Playing our fourth game in four hours, we were all a bit tired. It didn't help that we gave up five runs in the first inning. But we clawed our way back, tacking on a few runs here and there. And we kept them from scoring, which made the margin attainable. Going into the bottom of the seventh, we were up by five runs. Of course, we gave up a couple of runs in the last inning, but were able to hold them off and get the win. Yep, we won the entire tournament.

Just a few thoughts from the experience . . .

Kelly has been playing like a champion. She consistently hit the ball hard and finds the holes in the field to get on base. I don't know if it's really that fair that all the fielders play in when a girl is up to bat; it reduces the area on the field where they can place the ball. She hit one yesterday harder than I've ever seen her hit. And she had the glove working too. She made a catch at first base that was unbelievable. Some guy scorched it down the line and she snagged it jumping up into the air. Good job, wife.

I didn't hit the ball that well yesterday. I had a few good hits, but it really didn't matter. Everyone else hit it good. I'm the type of person who replays the game in my mind to see what I could've done better. Despite my flaws yesterday, we were able to win. So I'm not too concerned today about the times I didn't perform yesterday. I did have the glove working yesterday, though.

The coolest thing was that everyone contributed. We were able to win it as a team. And our attitudes were great during all the games. So here's the roll call of my gray team homies:

Eric Hounshell [coach], Nate Grella, Gary Hube, Kelly Carr, Elizabeth Bough, Randy Preston, Patty Hube, Leah Mason, and subs Carol Carlile and Brent Mowry. And to Bryan Comstock, Jim Scott, Josh and Beccy Stinson- you were gone, but not forgotten. Congrats, team.

So as I sit here wrapping up this post, I'm sore. But it's a good sore. We played some softball yesterday. And played it quite well.