Beit Carr Expansion

I apologize if I haven't been able to contact you personally, but I just need to get the news out here:

We're expecting . . .

. . . a baby, not a puppy.

We found out a few weeks ago, but wanted to wait until we had been to the doctor to confirm it. Once we were certain, we started to let the news out. Friday night we went to Lexington to make the rounds and Saturday morning we woke up bright and early [6:00am] to return to Cincy to tell my parents. We even swung out to Bright, Indiana to tell my brothers in person, but neither of them were home; at least their wives were [sorry sis, but I just couldn't get to Indianapolis]. Since then, it's been a whirlwind, dropping the news left and right to anyone who will listen.

The baby should arrive in early April. So if you're tracking at home that's new church, new home, new baby. Yeah, I guess you could call us crazy to be leaving a family friendly community/church to move to the city, but we don't care. We decided we wanted kids before we even decided to plant the church. While beginning the plans to start the church, we discussed whether or not to put off having a baby. We decided that we still should trust God to provide and proceed as planned. Sure, the timing could be better, but when is it ever perfect? Like I said, we'll bank on God and see how it turns out.

Kelly is doing well. She hasn't had morning sickness, but gets sudden, insatiable urges to eat. Mark Mueller, an elder here at Christ's Church, said his wife Heidi was the same way. He used to keep food around in his pockets for emergency food need. I might have to do the same. Kelly's the champ. I'll do my best to be "the good husband" in the weeks to come.

Blogging note: I guess I should state that, since it'll be something like ten weeks before we'll know if it's a boy or girl, I'm not sure what to call it. Until then, I'll be using "the baby" as the specific noun and "it" as the pronoun. I find this better than using Kelly's current terminology [Peanut] and WAY better than mine [Viking]. This is not meant to imply that I don't believe that this baby is a human being [work through that double negative], because we do. But it takes to long to type he/she. So be patient with me till we figure it out.

I have about seven months to wax on about this, so I'll try not ramble on right now. We're just ecstatic. So I'll leave you with our baby's first picture [unfortunately, I think it looks like me]:

Ain't it cute?