Have a seat

I love the purging process. Preparing for the move, the downsizing is going well. When we moved here three years ago from our two bedroom apartment, the house was somewhat empty. Like people told us at the time, you'll find stuff to fill the space. Oh we did; we filled the house up and it finally looks fully lived in. There'll be about 600 square feet of space less in the new condo than what we have now, so everything's gotta go. I'm actually thrilled about having less junk. Just yesterday I made a pile of clothes about two feet high to trash. Most of it was khaki's that I was saving for golf [when they're so ratty that you can't where 'em to work anymore, there's always the golf course, true?]. But the problem is having to get rid of items we've had for years that have sentimental value. Yesterday I threw away my lucky soccer training shirt that I owned for ten years. I haven't worn it in four years, but it took me this long to stomach throwing it out. Is the No Fear product line even in business anymore? I loved that shirt.

The first major furniture pieces we ever bought were couches in our living room. We purchased them right after we moved in. They're a dark green, made from a synthetic suede material that's virtually stain resistant. They're wonderful couches, but have rarely been used; I like hanging out in the den [um, where the television just happens to be]. So except for occasional Bible studies and parties, or when Kelly needed to get away from me so she could read in silence, they haven't seen much action. But with the move, they'll be stepping to the forefront as our primary lounging furniture.

This means, because of a lack of space, we're forced to give up the couches we've had since we first got married. I'm pretty sure that my in-laws purchased this couch and love seat shortly after they were married. The pieces are almost thirty years old. I know it might freak some of you out thinking that we were able to hang on to furniture that old but, as any of you who have ever sat on them can testify, they are some of the most comfortable couches I've ever had the privilege of sitting on.

After we started dating, I had the love seat in my dorm room in college. I'd spend many an evening strewn out on that love seat with a book in my lap, staring at the downtown skyline in absolute comfort. After we got married, I developed a tighter relationship with the couch. I watched many an important reality TV moment on that couch. As you can see in the photo above, the cushions are starting to give out on them and they're finally getting to show some age. We knew the end was near as we were watching an episode of Trading Spaces [when Paige was still there] and Hildi said, "look at this ugly couch I bought at Goodwill!" Yes, it was our couch, but in an orange tint. I don't care what that lady says, those couches were awesome! But we have to move on. Kelly's parents are taking the love seat and the couch is up for grabs. I don't think we'll find a taker. It could mean the end for the couch.

So here's to you couch. You served your purpose to the fullest. Couches all over the country could learn something from you. Thanks.