You Could Be My Wingman Anytime

And now for something completely different . . .

Not that I get in to celebrity gossip that much [not counting my subscriptions to People, Star, and the National Enquirer] but what about this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing? I just saw Katie on Good Morning America and just listening to her talk about Tom Cruise weirded me out. I think Tom's 41 and Katie's 26- a fifteen year difference. Now I personally know some married people with that age difference and it's not that bad. What makes me go, "ewww" is thinking of how old Katie was while Tom Cruise was making some of his movies.

So according to my research, if Katie was born in 1979, here's where she was when his movies came out:

Taps- 2 years old
Risky Business- 4 years old
Top Gun and The Color of Money- 7 years old
Cock Tail and Rain Man- 9 years old
A Few Good Men- 13 years old

And now you see what I mean. Just think of some of those roles he played and enter Katie Holmes into the movie. For instance, you had Lieutenant Pete Mitchell, Maverick if you prefer, at flight school training with his buddy Goose. He wanders into a target-rich environment with the pre-ER Anthony Edwards, placing a bet to see if he can get himself a woman. Sure he had the opportunity to win over Kelly McGillis with his lady-magnet skills, but he could've skipped the over-the-hill blonde for an opportunity to woo a first-grader. Is it just me, or would the pitiful rendition of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" come across a little icky with Katie sitting on a bar stool in pony-tails and a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox? He could've switched songs, and beat Pulp Fiction to the punch, by going with, "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon."

But moving full circle here, note the Few Good Men connection. One of Tom's co-stars, Demi Moore has been playing Mrs Robinson [rest in peace Anne Bancroft (who, by the way, was in that movie with Dustin Hoffman who was in Rainman with Tom Cruise)]* with Ashton Kutcher Ironically, these two have the exact same age difference that Tom and Katie. But that one doesn't weird me out as much. I don't know why. Ashton and Demi have been playing it low key whole Tom is jumping on couches on Leno. Is this a mid-life crisis?

Or does Tom just feel the need . . . the need for speed?

* I know what I did up there with the brackets and parenthesis wasn't grammatically correct. But it was necessary for me to accomplish what I wanted. I've never actually done that before, but it felt pretty good. I might try it again sometime.