A Very, Very, Very Fine House

Sorry, but posting has taken a backseat here recently to real life drama. About 8pm Monday night Kelly and I put the "For Sale" sign out in the front yard. I didn't realize it would be such an emotional experience, but I swear it was. Over the past three years we invested a lot of ourselves into this place, and it's going to be difficult to part with it. Don't get me wrong, we're ecstatic about the thought of getting into a condo and getting rid of the lawn mower. But we've done our best to make this house our own and we take pride in this dwelling God has allowed us the privilege to use.

On the sign out front, we have one of those information tubes attached and, as of this morning, people have taken about fifteen of our info sheets. Yesterday afternoon I received my first call from someone wanting to check out the place. He's coming by this afternoon. As if that wasn't weird enough, last night we were out to dinner with Aaron and Dorota and someone called wanting to see it ASAP. We left dinner, went home, hurriedly picked up around the house and met them. They loved the place. About 11pm they called with an offer. Now it's wheeling and dealing time. The thought that we could have a contract on the house by the end of the day blows my mind.

All Kelly and I can do is laugh and proclaim that it's a God-thing. Even though we're excited about Echo Church and what the future holds, this whole process had the makings of a high stress experience. But the very first couple that walks through the place loves it and wants to buy it. It all reiterates my belief that this is God opening doors for the future. I told Kelly last night that starting this church will be one of the most difficult things we ever do in our lives so maybe God is giving us a break up front to keep us going.

He is good, indeed.