Progress Report

Things are getting done on the house. Carol Carlile [shout-out] came by Monday night to help Kelly weed around the house. And there were a lot of weeds. She's coming back this weekend to help mulch. What a nice lady.

I rented this vacuum from Krogers yesterday to clean our carpets. It was one of those professional jobbers that uses water and then extracts it so you can see how dirty your carpets really were. We have this carpet in our living room that I was sure would need to be replaced, but the vacuum rocked it. No you can definitely tell that the carpet is pink. Too cool.

Just short related story about my lovely wife. We were working around the house late on Monday night, and only got about 5 hours of sleep. She came home yesterday after work exhausted, so she took a short nap. Sometimes she wakes up after short periods of sleep with a little disorientation. And yesterday was one of those times. She bounced up from her slumber and sorta swung at her nightstand, knocking over her cup full of Diet Coke. Yep, all over the carpet I had just vacuumed. You know, dork that I am, that I was a tad frustrated. But with all the hard work she's done over the past few weeks [um, and the past eight years of putting up with me] I couldn't be mad at her. The good thing is that the carpets were still a bit moist and the Diet Coke cleaned up in no time. Crisis averted. I love you Kel, even though you're sometimes spastic when you wake up.

So anyway, things are happening. We should have this place up for sale this weekend.