I Thought Sloth Was A Prehistoric Animal

I like to think I'm a hard working guy but I think, at my core, I'm just lazy. I suspect there are many of you like me who, when a tough job comes around, embrace it enthusiastically but then hit the point of "that's good enough" [or what used to be referred to as the "good enough for the girls I date" principle].

It was a good weekend for getting stuff finished around the house as Kelly's dad came up and did some outside house painting with us; the in-laws have come through huge with lending a hand during our fix-up-the-house period we're in. But as we're up on the roof, in an area that you know no one will ever see, you're faced with the decision of whether to do the best job you can or walk away. I sorta went halfway, glopping some paint down and easing off on ascetic brush strokes. The outside of the house looks stellar now, by the way [Kelly painted the garage door all by her lonesome and I now stare at it before hitting the garage door opener].

But back to my laziness, which was made evident to me in a totally unrelated incident. I wear contact lenses and use a saline solution called Quick Care. I go through a bottle about every month and a half. I'm not very good with contact care; I have monthly disposables, so I really never clean them the way I should. So when it comes to opening a new box to get the bottle and the lens case, I'm swift to get what I need and get out of there. Why waste time with contacts when there's Sports Center to be watched?

On every new bottle of Quick Care, there's one of those safety seals so you know that no one has tampered with the product. You don't have to take the seal off in order to get the lid off [think the little pull tab on the lid of a gallon of milk]. It's been five days now and I have yet to remove the piece of plastic wrap from the cap. Hence, I am lazy.

I mean, do you know how long it would take me to remove that plastic? No time at all. But I leave it there out of pure spite. Why should I waste even a couple seconds of my life when it won't effect my ability to use the solution? But, unfortunately, this isn't the only incident of laziness in my life that I can cite.

Every time I leave my shoes on the floor instead of putting them in the closet, every time I buy something new and leave the box lying around for three weeks, every time I leave the toilet seat up, every time I stack papers on my desk in a pile instead of going through them, I just prove my laziness. But I'm motivated to change! I will no longer let little things go, but will move headstrong into a world where I eliminate these distractions to move on to bigger and better things! But right now probably isn't the best time. I'm just gonna sit here in my chair and contemplate putting my new lifestyle into action.

Man, my contacts are bothering me right now.