God is definitely good

Some days you sit down to blog and there's nothing; you're just rummaging through the garbage for something to get by on. Then there are days when there's so much to talk about that you haven't got the time to write it all. This is one of those days. So I'm not sure whether or not I should us it all up today or spread it out over a few days. I'll just get to it and see where I end up.
Yesterday was an incredible experience as I met with the pastors of the Disciples of Christ church we're looking at renting for our new church. It's cool to look at things that have happened and see God's fingerprints all over it. Let me give you some background.

A few weeks ago, Aaron and I started to look for a place where our church could meet. We discovered that urban Cincinnati doesn't provide many options when it comes to affordable meeting space. That's one of the reasons our church is going to meet during the evenings on Sundays: a lot of church buildings sit unused on Sunday nights and some of these churches wouldn't mind letting someone else use it and make a few rental bucks in the process. So we scanned the neighborhoods for churches and weren't finding what we were looking for.

A wrong turn actually led us to the building we found. It was an one-hundred year old church building located in a great location. Despite this, I wasn't too sure about stopping in, but Aaron insisted that we should go inside and check it out. We parked the car and knocked on the door and no one was there. Just as we were getting ready to leave, a gentleman pulled into the parking lot. His name was Michael and he was the co-chairman of their church board. We told him who we were and what we were planning on doing and he was really receptive on our plans. He showed us the sanctuary and it was perfect. It seats about three hundred people, so there's plenty of space to grow. The sanctuary is lined with oak pews and is decorated with beautiful stained glass all along the walls. Isn't funny how, for years, churches didn't want to be associated with buildings that looked like this [old and tradition] and now people like me get excited about them?

Well, we switched information and got in contact with the co-pastors of the church, whom I met with yesterday. These ladies, Carol and Cheryl, were absolutely wonderful and before I really told them what we wanted to do, they were acting like we were already approved. They showed me around the building and it's perfect for what we need- plenty of space for child care, additional meeting space and even a baptistery. It's like God just plopped this thing in our laps to use. And when we talked about rental fee, they stated that they weren't interested in making a ton of money but were more concerned about reaching the neighborhood. I left the building grinning ear-to-ear, knowing that we were being taken care of. It was awesome.

It's not 100% sure yet. There's still a board meeting in June to talk about, where we would get final approval. But it looks like it'll happen. I'm thrilled to be a part of this ride that God is going to take us on during the next few years. With days like yesterday, I'm ready to charge the gates of hell with a Super-Soaker. Just thought I'd share.

OK, I'm done for now. I'll get to those other stories later. So at least there's something left for me to write about.