Expand Our Vocabulary

It's interesting what you can learn out there on the world wide web. Allow me an opportunity to share what I've learned. Somehow through a link of a link, I discovered a few blogs dealing with different aspects of design and marketing. I never knew I could be interested in something like that but now, I might be in the early stages of addiction.

So I found this site called Metacool that discusses that latest design terms and processes. One term new to me was "beausage." It's a combination of the words "beautiful" and "useage." It's the beauty that comes from something having been used. They site examples such as wrinkles on a grandfather's face, gouges and dents on the bed of a 1955 Chevy pickup, wear patterns on a boot tread, and Willie Nelson's guitar. I sorta like that term. Start looking around the world for examples of beausage.

The site also discussed a newer term called Jolie-Laide. It's supposed to be something that's beautifully/ugly. Now in my ignorance, I thought it was created as a result of Angelina Jolie. I mean, I could see it. Angelina can be a scary looking woman, but at times rather beautiful. I felt almost liberated that someone had nailed that term. But than I discovered that it's actually a French term. Webster's lists it as, "a good-looking ugly woman" or "a woman who is attractive though not conventionally pretty." So I guess it's just irony that Angelina has that last name.

I guess we're all a little smarter now, huh?