"You will eat a dog and not even know it"

I never really liked Chinese food until after I finished college. In my first ministry, when it came to lunch time, there was a certain office lunch schedule,where once ever couple of weeks we did Chinese. It did disturb me a bit that the place we ordered food from was right next door to a pet store, but I developed an appreciation for the food anyway.

One of my favorite parts of the meal is the fortune cookie. But unlike most people, I don't give a rip about the fortune; I just like the odd taste of that cookie. I know there aren't that many of us out there who love eating those cookies, but stop hiding your heads in shame. It's a glorious delicacy and we should fearlessly admit how we love them so. Just typing this I'm thinking of the stale, wonderful morsel capable of slicing open my gums with one mis-chew.

My ears perked, then, this morning as I heard the news report of the fortune cookie that won the lottery. There was a Powerball drawing back on March 30th produced 110 winners. Statistically, this seemed too many, so lottery officials did some investigation and discovered that almost all the winners picked their numbers according to their fortune found in a cookie. From the news report on Yahoo:

"The fortune cookie featured six lucky numbers. The first five were good enough for six-figure prizes, The sixth figure, needed for the jackpot of $25.5 million, was listed as 40, when the winning number was 42. A Tennessee man who shunned fortune cookie luck landed the biggest prize."

Interesting. Just a few thoughts about the great cookie caper. . .

1) I never thought anybody was dumb enough to actually bet the lottery on numbers from their fortune cookie. On the news this morning, when they reported from the cookie factory that produced the numbers, that the numbers are selected at random from a big fish bowl and put on the paper. So those numbers were selected at random- twice.

2) I wonder what it's like to work at a fortune cookie factory. None of the workers bet on the numbers, but then again, they see thousands of combinations of numbers every week. But what would it be like to work there? Say you go to the bathroom and a co-worker mutters, "You will go number 2 and there will be no toilet paper." Do you believe them?

3) I guess the point of this whole story is fortune cookies aren't just good to eat, but capable of making you money. Maybe this is the way God has been wanting to speak to me and I've instead chosen to gorge myself on the sweetened vessel. There's a deep, spiritual lesson somewhere here. I'll let you know if I find it.