Living through college as a Christian

Even though the audience of my blog is diverse in age, I wanted to put up a link to this story concerning college students and faith. Time Magazine sent a reporter to Indiana University to explore how Christians deal with sin and debauchery prevalent on campus. The most common answer: they insulate themselves in a Christian subculture.

For years Christian organizations have done their best to infiltrate college campuses around the country, knowing how critical it is to reach young adults with the message of Jesus. Unfortunately, some of these groups become a holy huddle, adhering to a garbage-in/garbage-out gospel [I laughed when I read the part in the article about Christian college students staying in on a Friday night to watch The Incredibles on DVD]. I know some of you reading this are involved in these campus groups or you have been involved with them in the past. I'd really be interested to hear what you think about the article. It's a few page read, but I'd encourage you to read it through.